I have to give UF it’s due, it’s definitely more difficult than SoD ever was. At the same time, it’s also a lot more fun than SoD was (minus Rallos Returns speed runs).


The first event in Underfoot pits TFO against the only foe more stubborn than us: Fippy Darkpaw.


Look at that goddamn rusty warhammer. He’s like Godzilla and Thor rolled into one, and just like EU Emperor Palpatine, he just.  keeps.  coming.  back.


Wait, wait. Dradee, just told me that was not, in fact, the Fippy we fought. That one looked something like this:


A little more lame, but whatevvs.

This version of Fippy was significantly harder than the one we fought in North Qeynos (which slaughtered our ranger corps). So, we gave it our best shot.


Guilds have spent weeks, even months, tirelessly throwing themselves at this encounter trying to weather Fippy’s wrath  Scores of guilds have broken like waves upon the rocks trying to beat him. We in TFO only had one choice before us.

Destroy, or be destroyed.

So, we decided to kill him on the first night of UF (and then again a week later).



We still want people to join us for the rest of UF (more in a blurb below). There are still so many challenges left in the Underfoot we want you to face with us.  Some will be easy, and some will be hard, but if I had to give Fippy and all of Underfoot one piece of advice, it would be this: Don’t Fear the Reaper.


This is a call to arms! Old faces and new. Grab up your sword and shield and experience what most consider the greatest challenge Everquest has to offer! Those who have spent time away from the action will find plenty of opportunity to hone a new class of skill and/or gear that awaits them if they simply ask. Make haste! For what dwells in the Underfoot waits for no man.

Apply now!

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