The following is a re-enactment of events in the E’erquest universe. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

On the date of July 7, in the year 2014, a rowdy yet powerful group of mercenaries, who shall remain anonymous (we’ll call them The Maceless Chowder) was after a particularly nasty dictator. He was known for his insane abuses of power and horrendous treatment of his constituents. In all of his kingdom, not a single noble or man of worth had a goddamn piece of loot worth two flying shits except him, as he kept all the treasure to himself. His paranoia of losing his loot and power forced him into self exile into a tower high in the center of his city, where he made people who wanted to assassinate him jump through hoops to get to him. He even put in a fucking maze. Who the hell does that shit?!

The group known as The Maceless Chowder had been scouting him for weeks. His location and all measures he had taken to prevent anyone from reaching him were well known and prepared for. The group made their way into his chambers beneath his notice. It is unknown how, as they killed most of his guards and made a ton of racket because most of them were drinking heavily.

The battle that ensued started off in a ridiculous nature, with Seabiscuit charging blindly into a hallway to attack innocent bystanders, we’re fairly certain it was one of his own handmaidens. The true battle commenced and it was furious and long winded, much like the beer farts the Chowder was frequently bellowing. In the end, there was only one possible outcome.

The Incubator had fallen to the Maceless. The people of Shanctipus Seabiscuit were free from his tyranny. All thanks to the efforts of the The Maceless Chowder.



And there is only a handful of targets left to kill outside of Vex Thal.


From one end of the moon to the other, we ran across mobs ranging from gigantic dicks with teeth……


To big ass rock men on both steroids AND meth……


And a Temple filled with snakes who grew arms and learned how to talk and think they’re special because of it.


We’re an Emp kill away from Vex Thal. Recruitment is open and we are taking most all classes.




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