I was totally not prepared to make 2 updates in 1 week so I don’t have an appropriate SS of the the win as things were quite exciting and I forgot…..but House of Thule is breached. On our first true attempt at lvl 90 content we crushed Tick Tock on our 2nd go at him, opening tier 1 HoT gear and giving us cause to brag and smile a whole lot. It was quite satisfying.

Since I don’t have an SS I’ll try and find some acceptable substitute pictures for this update as the night goes on. Stay tuned.

The raid encounter Wrath of Brath has a reputation. If Fippy introduced guilds to a new lvl of difficulty in raiding, Brath was the encounter that showed many guilds how much harder it could get. It is a relentless encounter with little room for error and very dire consequences for any that are made. This encounter also manages to do what a good many other very difficult encounters do not-it’s a lot of fun.

The SS we usually put up is more of a victory pose while this one has our celebratory yeehawing in GC and a nice look at my primitive UI. We earned this kill with patience and work and ability. The cheers in GC when Brath fell was nearly gratuitous, and it was awesome to see everyone so motivated after seeing the fruits of our labor. With a common major bottleneck down, momentum is inevitable.

One last little thing I wanted to mention to some of our fans who don’t raid with us or even necessarily play on test at all. New prog guilds appear all the time, and they fall almost as quickly. Outside of the progression servers, we are still the most successful prog guild in history. Trakanon server can crap out 3 new ones a week, and if they beat GoD legit at 65 I’ll be very surprised. If any of them survive to beat DoDH legit I’ll post some positive words on their recruitment thread on eq forums. Shameful as that would be, to have to promote our competition, I’m so confident in their inevitable failure it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Those little passive aggressive shots at TFO kinda don’t mean shit when we continue to survive and thrive in a format nobody outside prog servers has done.

TFO has a mission statement on our front page. It was and is still the perfect guild mission for us. However, we are not short sighted or without ambition. Progression has a point where it has no alternative but to change to seeing and defeating new raid content before Live servers have even DL’d the patch.

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