And in the first 3 nights we fucking crushed it. The completed progression targets on the first 2 nights included Grummus, Carprin Cycle, Aerin’Dar, HoH trials, Xanamech Nezmirfuckin and Manaetic Behemoth. Then we came to our 3rd day and outdid that list. I’ll let the screenshots talk now.

We raid 4 nights a week for 3 hrs each and still get shit done. Take that prog servers. Well fucking done TFO. Applications are being accepted.

We’ve been busy. As the title suggests, we’ve completed Luclin with the death of Aten Ha Ra. Here are a few screenshots of VT which can’t quite capture the incredibly boring raid zone that somehow ended up as the final zone of Luclin. But goddamn is the loot good.

We even managed to get this hateful asshole down during our time in Luclin. At 60 with luclin gear. Good luck to other prog guilds that aren’t fielding full raids on that.

With the end of Luclin, we start Planes of Power on the 18th. And in a few short weeks after that, Monday the 8th to be specific, TFO makes our return to lvl 85 progression raiding in Underfoot. Applications are being accepted for both progressions as we will continue on in PoP while we progress farther in the manner we had begun. And it will be glorious.

That said, here are some screenshots from the past that I dug up.

See you all in Underfoot and PoP.

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