Yes, we are recruiting!  We’re on a short break from raiding, which presents a great opportunity for anyone interested in joining to come on over and prepare with other members old and new.  We plan on adding several new members to our ranks and this is always the best time to jump in.

Anyone wanting to get back into EQ without having to jump back into the high end immediately to experience the active part of the game again will surely find benefit to raiding with us. Level 90 is at the point in the game’s timeline where classes start to diversify greatly and discover abilities that the game now considers class defining. This will allow you to learn to harness these as the game naturally progressed instead of just heaving it all at you at once.

No gear?  No problem!  We got you covered with our ever popular gear copy.  We can start you out with gear to let you jump right into competitive action against the challenging content of UF and HoT.  Visit the forums for more info.

We’re recruiting whatever class you want to play, but if you want to know our specific needs we are looking for 2-3 clerics, 2 Enchanters, 2 warriors, 1 SK, 2 Paladins, 1-2 Druids, 1-2 Shaman and about all the dps we can get our hands on.

To current residents of test you can now buy real raid copies from Firiona Vie that would otherwise cost kronos with DKP from raiding with us!  Those of you that never felt like giving us a shot before can now have a reason to check us out, we think you’ll like what you find.  You can find the inventory of what that raid copy comes with from this link.

Progression raiding is scheduled to resume on May 18th!  Currently working on finishing off Underfoot and moving deeper into House of Thule.  Raid days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 9PM EST.




Part 1 of Underfoot Tier 7 has been Death Beetle’d to deathly death. By TFO.

In a raid that spurred the most foraging since Aursiiaa offered to cook for us, TFO tasted the whole rainbow in slaughtering those silly shrooms. After getting a sniff of the pulls of yesteryear lore (RIP raid trash), we crushed that giant ass beetle into a lot of high-protein powder and made a shake and did some pull ups and some one handed pushups and squats lots and lots of squats. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

All in all, a tasty meal for TFOs tummies.

We want you to join us on Test for the remainder of UF and all of HoT! Doesn’t matter who you are, just drop us a line in our forums.

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