Killer Queen

…and another one bites the dust.

dead queen

Now on to T7 UF, which is supposedly just as hard as T6. /Shrug, just as hard is just as dead. GD TFO, making me misty-eyed!

Which song best describes killing the Cliknar Queen? Hrmm….

I was totally not prepared to make 2 updates in 1 week so I don’t have an appropriate SS of the the win as things were quite exciting and I forgot…..but House of Thule is breached. On our first true attempt at lvl 90 content we crushed Tick Tock on our 2nd go at him, opening tier 1 HoT gear and giving us cause to brag and smile a whole lot. It was quite satisfying.

Since I don’t have an SS I’ll try and find some acceptable substitute pictures for this update as the night goes on. Stay tuned.

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