The Faceless Order is not a hardcore raid guild per se. We might raid like one, but our schedule and rules and atmosphere don’t really work like a typical hardcore raid guild. But we’re just as tenacious and we just do not give up, no matter how hard an encounter can seem. After quite a ridiculous amount of attempts and wipes and learning and adjusting, the beast is now below our bootheel.

In case anyone cares to count, that is 38 people. I’m not sure if anyone does UF progression and gets first event kills with that few, but they don’t and we did.

Here, it’s easier to count with this pic-

More UF kills to come. Recruitment is open and we’re looking for some skilled players who enjoy learning and raiding, and especially earning their progress. Reboot raiding is still quite active, we’re in EPs in Planes of Power and about done with farming EP armor and ready to kill some goddang Gods.

Well done TFO, you make me proud.

Quite the turnout for the end of the summer break return to raiding. Some of our longest standing members were right back with us to continue on. And damn I have missed raiding with some of these guys.

We started at the “beginning” of Underfoot, with Fippy Fuckpaw the Really Scorned. Many of those present had not raided in months, and almost half the raid had never seen Underfoot at all……

One Shot, bitches.

From there we continued where we left off on The Beast Below, and progressed farther than any previous attempt on the 2nd try. 21% Grunkuck………..UFs days are numbered, TFO is back.

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