Why Can’t We Be Friends?

It’s a great time to be Faceless, we were late to the party on Ragefire so when we heard about Lockjaw we knew we’d be rolling in pretty casually. So far it’s worked out well, we’re taking it easy but that hasn’t stopped us from netting a whole bunch of server firsts while we’re at it.

Sure, there’s been some competition on Lockjaw since we arrived. But not much.

When we do have conflict we always come to a peaceful resolution

Everyone seems to like us

Even the Developers come out to play.

Oh yeah and I guess at some point Daybreak Games decided to turn EQ Classic Progression into a quasi emulated server. Now every raid mob has 100,000hp increased AC, does triple the dps and mitigates a flat 40% of all incoming damage. It hasn’t impacted us much but some of the other guilds have had issues.

Lord Nagafen – Fastest Server First Kill Ever – 40 Hours

Lady Vox – Fastest Server First Kill Ever – 46 Hours

Phinigel Autropos


Cazic Thule – Hard Mode Server First

Eye of Veeshan & Hand of Veeshan – Server First

Overseer of Air – Server First

Master Yael

Bazzt Zzzt – Server First Normal and Hard Mode

Lockjaw – Crashing the Party

The Faceless Order is a raiding guild which has played on previous progression servers and has been a major presence on the Test server for the last three years where we’ve done a self imposed progression rule-set, defeating every encounter from Classic up to Underfoot. We’re committed to progressing through all available raid content as efficiently as possible and creating an organization where players can achieve the old school sense of guild camaraderie they had in classic EQ. Our focused and goal oriented mindset has made us a fierce competitor and successful raiding guild across various MMORPG’s and of course, on EQlive and several EQemu servers.

With that said, if you’re looking for a guild that will stand the test of time, will be able to take down raid encounters from the beginning of EQ all the way into the late game and will stay with you even after Lockjaw, look no further.

As a gaming organization our goal is to provide players with a guild that transcends individual servers and games allowing members to find a guild of skillful friends at their side on any server or game they play; our incarnation on Lockjaw is our latest guild to date but is the seventh Everquest server upon which we have played.

Many of our raids are recorded and uploaded to youtube for posterity; one of our raid videos was even featured on CNN as seen here:

http://geekout.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/17/baseballs-curt-schilling-the-dragon-slayer/?hpt=hp_c2 under the “Nagafen Raid” link.

Here are some samples of what it’s like to be a member of TFO

What does it take to become a member of The Faceless Order?

A positive attitude toward hard work and progression
The ability to work well with others
The ability to react on the fly and approach encounters dynamically
In depth knowledge of your chosen class
Experience with end game Everquest raiding
The drive to be the best player you can be

Current Recruitment

Bard: High
Cleric: High
Druid: High
Enchanter: High
Magician: High
Monk: High
Necromancer: High
Paladin: High
Ranger: High
Rogue: High
Shadow Knight: High
Shaman: High
Warrior: High
Wizard: High

If this sounds like the guild for you then make sure you apply!